About Us

UK Marketing Club is our marketing division. It’s here that you’ll find all the information about the B2B network marketing opportunity and the B2C offline marketing of our products.

Our First Goal
To bring our Premium Quality British Made & Certified Juice to the British vaper.

For your peace of mind, the ingredients that we use in our vaping liquids are pharmaceutical grade and the finest food grade flavourings. They are laboratory tested and certified to comply with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive*) so that you can relax and enjoying your vaping without having to worry about cheap substandard and ‘grey market’ products.

Our Second Goal
To create an opportunity to participate in the lucrative, fast growing and innovative Vaping Market throughout the United Kingdom.

Currently 3 million people in the UK vape, with over 7 million people that still smoke. This is a huge growing market, so this is your chance to profit.

Whether you’re looking to just share our products with your Vaping friends and make some extra money to supplement your budget, or if you’re ready to build a team and create a serious part or full time income in the B2B sector, this is your chance to improve your financial future.

Tobacco Products Directive